List Data as Stream

The list data as stream allows you to get data from a list, using the REST API’s SP.List.getDataAsStream endpoint. Since the absolute url of the list is required, data can be retrieved from other site collections. The context information of the other site collection is not required with this api.


  • listFullUrl - The absolute url of the list.
  • parameters - The optional list data parameters.

Code Example

// JavaScript
var $REST = require("gd-sprest");
$REST.ListDataAsStream("https://[tenant]", {
    FilterField1: "MyFilterField",
    FilterValue1: "Value"
}).execute(function(data) {
    // Parse the items
    for(var i=data.FirstRow; i<data.LastRow; i++) {
        var item = data.Row[i];

// TypeScript
import { List } from "gd-sprest";

List.getDataAsStream("https://[tenant]", {
    FilterField1: "MyFilterField",
    FilterValue1: "Value"
}).execute(data => {
    // Parse the items
    for(let i=data.FirstRow; i<data.LastRow; i++) {
        let item = data.Row[i];


List Data Parameters

Property Type
AddRequiredFields boolean
AllowMultipleValueFilterForTaxonomyFields boolean
DatesInUtc boolean
ExpandGroups boolean
FirstGroupOnly boolean
FolderServerRelativeUrl string
ImageFieldsToTryRewriteToCdnUrls string
OverrideViewXml string
Paging string
RenderOptions number
ReplaceGroup boolean
ViewXml string

List Data Override Parameters

Property Type
CascDelWarnMessage string
CustomAction string
DrillDown string
Field string
FieldInternalName string
Filter string
FilterData string
FilterData1 string
FilterData10 string
FilterData2 string
FilterData3 string
FilterData4 string
FilterData5 string
FilterData6 string
FilterData7 string
FilterData8 string
FilterData9 string
FilterField string
FilterField1 string
FilterField10 string
FilterField2 string
FilterField3 string
FilterField4 string
FilterField5 string
FilterField6 string
FilterField7 string
FilterField8 string
FilterField9 string
FilterFields string
FilterFields1 string
FilterFields10 string
FilterFields2 string
FilterFields3 string
FilterFields4 string
FilterFields5 string
FilterFields6 string
FilterFields7 string
FilterFields8 string
FilterFields9 string
FilterLookupId string
FilterLookupId1 string
FilterLookupId10 string
FilterLookupId2 string
FilterLookupId3 string
FilterLookupId4 string
FilterLookupId5 string
FilterLookupId6 string
FilterLookupId7 string
FilterLookupId8 string
FilterLookupId9 string
FilterOp string
FilterOp1 string
FilterOp10 string
FilterOp2 string
FilterOp3 string
FilterOp4 string
FilterOp5 string
FilterOp6 string
FilterOp7 string
FilterOp8 string
FilterOp9 string
FilterValue string
FilterValue1 string
FilterValue10 string
FilterValue2 string
FilterValue3 string
FilterValue4 string
FilterValue5 string
FilterValue6 string
FilterValue7 string
FilterValue8 string
FilterValue9 string
FilterValues string
FilterValues1 string
FilterValues10 string
FilterValues2 string
FilterValues3 string
FilterValues4 string
FilterValues5 string
FilterValues6 string
FilterValues7 string
FilterValues8 string
FilterValues9 string
GroupString string
HasOverrideSelectCommand string
ID string
InplaceFullListSearch string
InplaceSearchQuery string
IsCSR string
IsGroupRender string
IsXslView string
ListViewPageUrl string
OverrideScope string
OverrideSelectCommand string
PageFirstRow string
PageLastRow string
RootFolder string
SortDir string
SortDir1 string
SortDir10 string
SortDir2 string
SortDir3 string
SortDir4 string
SortDir5 string
SortDir6 string
SortDir7 string
SortDir8 string
SortDir9 string
SortField string
SortField1 string
SortField10 string
SortField2 string
SortField3 string
SortField4 string
SortField5 string
SortField6 string
SortField7 string
SortField8 string
SortField9 string
SortFields string
SortFieldValues string
View string
ViewCount string
ViewId string
ViewPath string
WebPartId string