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  • createEmailBodyForInvitation(pageAddress: string)
    • Gets the external (outside the firewall) URL to a document or resource in a site.
  • getAppLicenseDeploymentId()
    • Gets the app license deployment id.
  • getAppLicenseInformation()
    • Gets the app license information.
  • getCurrentUserEmailAddresses()
    • Returns the current user’s email address.
  • getLocalizedString(value: string)
    • Converts the text to a localized string.
  • getLowerCaseString(value: string)
    • Converts the text to be lower case.
  • importAppLicense(url: string)
    • Need to research
  • isUserLicensedForEntityInContext(url: string)
    • Need to research
  • localizeWebPartGallery(url: string)
    • Need to research
  • markDiscussionAsFeatured(url: string)
    • Need to research
  • resolvePrincipal(principal: IResolvePrincipal)
    • Gets information about a principal that matches the specified Search criteria.
  • searchPrincipals(principal: ISearchPrincipal)
    • Gets information about the principals that match the specified Search criteria.
  • unmarkDiscussionAsFeatured(url: string)
    • Need to research