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2 thoughts on “SharePoint App – Fabric UI and React (Part 3 of 3)”

  1. It’s not that they don’t recommend it, it really depends on the environment you are working in. Are you on-premise? Is it a hybrid? Is the App-Model available and configured? Is it SP Online? Are you upgrading soon? What access do you have to the environment, aka what are you able to create in the environment?

    For instance, if you are working in a SP2016 environment where SPFx is available, the best recommendation is most likely to create a SPFx solution. If you are still in a SharePoint 2013 environment and the app-model is available, based on the requirements of the application an Add-In may be the best option.

    From my experience, it’s hard to make a generic statement of which model to choose, because each solution is unique as well as each SharePoint environment having difference configurations.

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