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6 thoughts on “SharePoint Calendar Event Callout”

  1. On SP 2013 we are getting an error that Promise is undefined on line 303.
    return new Promise(function (resolve, reject).

    Any thoughts?

    1. (Please note that the code in this post is written in TypeScript)
      Add this to your tsconfig.json file:
      “compilerOptions”: {
      “lib”: [“dom”, “es2015”]

      Make sure you are importing a library like “core-js” and importing the promise library from there. I have this in my main source file:
      import “core-js/es6/promise”;

  2. I followed the below steps
    1. Download the library
    2. Upload the library to a SharePoint Library (Example: “/SiteAssets/SPEventCallout/sp-event-callout.js”)
    3. Create a calendar or go to an existing calendar. (Example: “My Calendar”)
    4. Edit the page
    5. Add a Script Editor webpart
    6. Add the following code to the Script Editor

    new SPEventCallout(“My Calendar”);

    And getting the following errors:

    Uncaught ReferenceError: exports is not defined at sp-event-callout.js:2
    Uncaught TypeError: SPEventCallout is not a constructor

  3. Hi Gunjan
    Thx for this cool blog.
    I am TypeScript newbie, I receive on build two errors:
    src/sp-event-callout.ts:58:33 – error TS2694: Namespace ‘”C:/SPCalendar/sp-event-callout/node_modules/gd-sprest/build/types”‘ has no exported member ‘IListItem’.
    58 private _items: Array<Types.IListItem> = [];
    src/sp-event-callout.ts:121:18 – error TS2350: Only a void function can be called with the ‘new’ keyword.
    121 (new List(this._listName))

    1. Thanks. I went through and updated all of the libraries to the latest. If you get the latest, it should work. Please let me know if you are still having issues.

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