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9 thoughts on “SharePoint People Picker REST API”

  1. I’m not using the library and attempting to send the JSON request without any luck. Can you help me visualize what the entire request looks like?

  2. I believe this information has been provided, referring to the “Request” section. It shows the body of the request you would send to the JSON request. As stated, it would be a “POST” request. The url endpoint would be “[web url]/_api/SP.UI.ApplicationPages.ClientPeoplePickerWebServiceInterface”.

    Please let me know what other information you would need for the JSON request, and I’ll do my best to help.

  3. Thanks for this post Gunjan. It was very helpful to me in converting my people picker from SOAP calls to REST.
    One think I found out in the process, which is not mentioned above but other might find it useful, is that PrincipalType supports multiple values by using bitwise. you can observe this in SharePoint regular calls when you see PrincipalType being set to 13 which searches for User and Groups (bitwise 1|4|8). The support for bitwise combination is briefly mentioned here:

    Since this is a normal search for Lists whose Column has been set to “People and Groups” I figure I would mention it here in case it helps others.

    Thanks again for the great post. 🙂

  4. Hi Gunjan,

    thanks for sharing the API. do you have maybe an idea how to prefill the SPPeoplePicker with a User search.

    I thought something about doing a user search in the componentDidMount event with a reference to the SPPeoplePicker.

    ref={picker => { this._spPicker = picker; }}

    public componentDidMount() {
    MaximumEntitySuggestions: 10,
    PrincipalSource: 15,
    PrincipalType: 15,
    QueryString: “Marco”

    1. Is this related to the gd-sprest-react library? If so, please create an issue in the github library for additional help. If this is not related, then please provide a little more details or refer to the gd-sprest-react for details of the people picker component.

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