SharePoint REST Framework Updates

go here This post will go over the latest changes to the gd-sprest project. This framework is used to develop against the SharePoint 2013/Online REST api. It’s available at github and npm.

NodeJS I’m happy to say that the library now works with NodeJS, where you can import modules and not have to add a reference to the definition file for intellisense. The target version for NodeJS integration is v1.2, but I recommend to get the latest for all bug fixes and utilities.

TypeScript Code Example

This code example gives an example of querying a list for a specified item.

buy flonase online cheap import {List, Types} from "gd-sprest"; // Method to get the item Information private getItemInfo(itemId) { // Return a promise return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { // See if we already queried for this item if(this._items[itemId]) { // Resolve the request resolve(this._items[itemId]); } else { // Get the list (new List(this._listName)) // Get the item .Items(itemId) // Execute the request .execute((item) => { // Save a reference to the item this._items[itemId] = item; // Resolve the promise resolve(item); }); } }); }

Helper Functions

The helper functions have been split out to App and JSLink. As we add other helper methods they can easily be organized here.

App Helper

Functions related to copying files and creating folder structures from the app web to the host web. Cleanup methods for removing files and folders are available too.

JSLink Helper

I recently wrote a blog post on JSLinks which has an overview of the JSLink helper methods.

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