Code Example

// JavaScript
var $REST = require("gd-sprest");

// TypeScript
import { Web } from "gd-sprest";

Additional code examples can be found here.

Web Creation Information

Name Type Description  
Description string The description of the new site.  
Language number The locale ID that specifies the language of the new site.  
Title string A value that specifies the title of the new site.  
Url string The URL leaf name of the new site. The URL must not contain the following: (_Characters: ~, “, #, %, &, *, :, <, >, ?, \, {, , or }, String: \x7f, Consecutive Characters: . or / characters, Starting Characters: ., /, or _ characters, Ending Characters: . or / characters)_
UseSamePermissionsAsParentSite boolean A value that specifies whether the new site will inherit permissions from its parent site.  
WebTemplate string A value that specifies the name of the site template to be used for creating the new site. (Use the GetAvailableWebTemplates method to get the names of available web templates on the site.)  

Web Information

Name Type
Configuration number
Created string
Description string
Id string
Language number
LastItemModifiedDate string
LastItemUserModifiedDate string
ServerRelativeUrl string
Title string
WebTemplate string
WebTemplateId number