Copy Permission Level

This post will go over a new helper method for copying permission levels.


This helper method will utilize JSOM to complete the request. This will require the SP core scripts to be loaded on a modern page. Another helper method loadSPCore can be used to complete this.

import { Helper } from "gd-sprest";

Helper.loadSPCore().done(() => {
  // Core SP scripts are loaded


Below are the properties for this function. The BasePermission is the permission level to copy. Utilize the RemovePermissions property to exclude from the base permission level being copied. Utilize the AddPermissions property to add to the base permission level being copied. The SPTypes.BasePermissionTypes enumerator can be used to set these properties.

  // Permissions to add
  AddPermissions?: [number];
  // Description of the permission level
  Description: string;
  // The name of the base permission to copy
  BasePermission: string;
  // The permission order
  Order?: number;
  // The name of the permission level to create
  Name: string;
  // Permissions to not copy over
  RemovePermissions?: [number];
  // The target site collection, current site by default
  WebUrl?: string;

Code Examples

Copy and Remove Permission

import { Helper, SPTypes } from "gd-sprest";

// Copy and remove permissions
  BasePermission: "Contribute",
  Name: "Contribute no Delete",
  Description: "Edit permissions - Delete",
  RemovePermissions: [SPTypes.BasePermissionTypes.DeleteListItems]

Copy and Add Permission

import { Helper, SPTypes } from "gd-sprest";

// Copy and add permissions
  BasePermission: "Contribute",
  Name: "Contribute add Web",
  Description: "Edit permissions + Create Web",
  AddPermissions: [SPTypes.BasePermissionTypes.ManageSubwebs]


If you have any problems/issues with this new method, you can report an issue here. I hope this code example is helpful. Happy Coding!!!

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