SPFx Tenant-Wide Deployment in SharePoint 2019

This post will go a work-around for SPFx extensions deployed across all site collections within a SharePoint 2019 On-Premise web application.

From the community feedback, I created a code walkthrough to further go over this blog post:

SPFx Tenant-Wide Deployments

SharePoint Online has the ability to deploy SPFx solutions across the tenant, but SharePoint 2019 only supports the ability for SPFx webparts to be deployed globally. Refer to this link for additional details on this, it’s the best one I’ve been able to find that explains what is going on.

SPFx Features

By default, the SPFx feature is scoped to the web. This file is generated during the packaging of the SPFx solution, so there is no way to modify the scope of the feature to be Site or WebApplication. Even if we could, I bet this wouldn’t work. Ideally, it would be nice to be allowed to configure the scope of the feature to better target an entire site collection or web application for on-premise deployments.


The work-around I came up with, is to create an empty SharePoint 2019 solution using Visual Studio.

Step 1 - Deploy SPFx Extension

1) Develop your SPFx extension for 2019. Code Example

2) Deploy the solution to the app catalog

At this point, we have an app in the catalog that is deployed. When the app is deployed, this will add the SPFx solution assets to the Client Side Assets hidden library.

Step 2 - Create WSP Solution

1) Create a new Visual Studio project

2) Select the option to Deploy as a farm solution

3) Add a new item to the project

4) Select Empty Element as the item type

5) Copy the “Elements.xml” from the SPFx solution (sharepoint/assets/elements.xml) CustomAction element to this new elements file

6) Open the Features and ensure the element is included in the feature

7) Set the scope of the feature to be WebApplication

8) Save and package the wsp

9) Install the wsp

Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath C:\code\banner\bannerwebapp.wsp

Install-SPSolution -Identity {Solution GUID} -GACDeployment


1) Access Cental Administration and click on System Settings

2) Click on Manage farm solutions

3) Validate the solution has a status of Deployed

If the solution hasn’t been deployed, click on the feature and click on Deploy to deploy it.

4) Access a site in the web application

5) From a modern page, press Ctrl+F12 to access the developer dashboard, assuming you have used the built-in logging

6) From a modern page, access the developer tools and validate that the solution is being loaded


I hope this work-around is helpful. Happy Coding!!!

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