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The webpart component allows the developer to easialy assign react components to be rendered based on the page’s state (Display/Edit). This component currently supports webpart, publishing and wiki pages. The following webpart components are available:

  • Configuration - A react component to be used when the page is being edited, displaying an “Edit Configuration” button to render a panel for custom webpart properties.
    • List Configuration - Inherits the configuration webpart, displaying a web url and list dropdown.
    • Field Configuration - Inherits the list configuration webpart, adding a field picker.
    • Search Configuration - Inherits the field configuration webpart, filtering the field picker to field types supported by the search webpart.
  • List - Allows the developer to define an OData or CAML query, and contains two methods:
    • onRenderContainer - Optional method with the query results passed as the input parameter.
    • onRenderItem - Requires method with the item result passed as the input parameter.
  • Search - Inherits the list webpart, adding a search textbox. Based on the configuration fields, a mapper is created based on the item data. This feature will automatically filter the items displayed.
  • Tabs - Displays all associated webparts within the same zone in tabs.

Creating Modern WebParts for SharePoint 2013

Reference the Code Examples for examples of creating webparts and upgrading them to SPFx.