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Input Group Properties




Optional appendedButtons

appendedButtons: Array<IButtonProps>

Optional appendedLabel

appendedLabel: string

Optional assignTo

assignTo: (obj: IInputGroup) => void

Assigns the object to the input parameter.

Type declaration

Optional className

className: string

Custom class names.

Optional el

el: Element | HTMLElement

The element to render the component to.

Optional formFl

formFl: boolean

Optional id

id: string

Optional isLarge

isLarge: boolean

Optional isReadonly

isReadonly: boolean

Optional isSmall

isSmall: boolean

Optional label

label: string

Optional max

max: number

Optional min

min: number

Optional onChange

onChange: (value?: string, ev?: Event) => void

Type declaration

    • (value?: string, ev?: Event): void
    • Parameters

      • Optional value: string
      • Optional ev: Event

      Returns void

Optional onClear

onClear: () => void

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void

Optional placeholder

placeholder: string

Optional prependedButtons

prependedButtons: Array<IButtonProps>

Optional prependedLabel

prependedLabel: string

Optional rows

rows: number

Optional step

step: number

Optional title

title: string

Optional type

type: number

Optional value

value: string

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