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Interface ISPCfgContentTypeInfo

SharePoint Configuration - Content Type Information


  • ContentTypeCreationInformation
    • ISPCfgContentTypeInfo



Optional ContentType

ContentType: ContentType

The content type. (This value is set internally.)

Optional Description

Description: string

Optional FieldRefs

FieldRefs: Array<string | FieldLinkProps>

The field references.

Optional Group

Group: string

Optional Id

Id: string

Optional JSLink

JSLink: string

The JSLink property.

Optional Name

Name: string

Optional ParentName

ParentName: string

The parent content type name, required if different then the name.

Optional ParentWebUrl

ParentWebUrl: string

The url of the web containing the parent content type, required if the parent content type doesn't exist in the current web.

Optional onCreated

onCreated: (ct: ContentType, list?: List) => void

Event triggered after the content type is created.

Type declaration

Optional onUpdated

onUpdated: (ct: ContentType) => void

Event triggered after the content type is updated.

Type declaration

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