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The following helper methods are available for solutions utilizing the Add-In Model.

App Web vs Host Web

When developing in the app web, the request url will need to be formatted when executing a request to the host web. The DefaultRequestToHostFl is available to control the target web associated with the REST API request. This will allow you to develop code once, and use it in any solution (Add-In, WebPart, SPFx, etc).

Global Variable (DefaultReqeustToHostFl)

The DefaultRequestToHostFl is false by default, so it will target the current web unless a url is provided.

Code Example

import { $REST } from "gd-sprest";

// Target the host web
$REST.DefaultRequestToHostFl = true;

// Get the style library items from the host web
$REST.Web().Lists("Style Library").Items().execute(items => {
    // Parse the items
    for(let i=0; i<items.results.length; i++) {
        let item = items.results[i];

// Target the add-in web
$REST.DefaultRequestToHostFl = false;

// Get "My List" fields and items from the app web
$REST.List("My List").query({
    Expand: ["Fields", "Items"]
}).execute(list => {
    // Parse the fields
    for(let i=0; i<list.Fields.results.length; i++) {
        let field = list.Fields.results[i];

    // Parse the items
    for(let i=0; i<list.Items.results.length; i++) {
        let item = list.Items.results[i];