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The content information is a reference to the _spPageContextInfo global variable, available on class SharePoint pages.


Name Description
generateGUID Method to generate a guid.
getWeb(url: string) Method to get the web context information. Required for cross site-collection requests.
setPageContext(pageContext: any) Method to set the page context information. Required for SPFx projects only.


Name Type Description
aadInstanceUrl string AAD Instance Url
aadTenantId string AAD Tenant Id
alertsEnabled boolean Alerts Enabled
allowSilverlightPrompt boolean Allow Silverlight Prompt
blockDownloadsExperienceEnabled boolean Block Downloads Experience Enabled
canUserCreateMicrosoftForm boolean Can User Create Microsoft Form
canUserCreateVisioDrawing boolean Can User Create Visio Drawing
cdnPrefix string CDN Prefix
clientServerTimeDelta number Client Server Time Delta
CorrelationId string Correlation ID
crossDomainPhotosEnabled boolean Cross Domain Photos Enabled
currentCultureLCID string Current Culture LCID
currentCultureName string Current Culture Name
currentLanguage string Current Language
currentUICultureName string Current UI Culture Name
departmentId string Department ID
DesignPackageId string Design Package ID
disableAppViews boolean Disable App Views
disableFlows boolean Disable Flows
document HTMLDocument Document
env string Environment
existsFl boolean True if the _spPageContextInfo object exists, flase otherwise.
farmLabel string Farm Label
fid string FID
formDigestTimeoutSeconds number Form Digest Timeout Seconds
formDigestValue string Form Digest Value
groupColor string Group Color
groupHasHomepage boolean Group Has Homepage
groupId string Group ID
groupType string Group Type
guestsEnabled boolean Guests Enabled
hasManageWebPermissions boolean Has Manage Web Permissions
hasPendingWebTemplateExtension boolean Has Pending Web Template Extension
hideSyncButtonOnODB boolean Hide Sync Button On ODB
hubSiteId boolean Hub Site ID
idleSessionSignOutEnabled boolean IDLE Session Sign Out Enabled
isAnonymousGuestUser boolean Is Anonymous Guest User
isAppWeb boolean Is App Web
isEmailAuthenticatinoGuesUser boolean Is Email Authentication Guest User
isExternalGuestUser boolean Is External Guest User
isHubSite boolean Is Hub Site
isMultiGeoTenant boolean Is Multi Geo Tenant
isNoScriptEnabled boolean Is No-Script Enabled
isSiteAdmin boolean Is Site Administrator
isSPO boolean Is SharePoint Online
isTenantDevSite boolean Is Tenant Development Site
isWebWelcomePage boolean Is Web Welcome Page
layoutsUrl string Layouts Url
listBaseTemplate number List Base Template
listId string List Id
listPermMask Types.SP.IBasePermissions List Permissions Mask
listTitle string List Title
listUrl string List Url
maximumFileSize number Maximum File Size
nid string NID
openInClient boolean Open in Client
pageItemId number Page Item Id
pageListId string Page List Id
pagePermMask Types.SP.IBasePermissions Page Permissions Mask
pagePersonalizationScope number Page Personalization Scope
preferUserTimeZone boolean Prefer User Time Zone
PreviewFeaturesEnabled boolean Preview Features Enabled
profileUrl string Profile Url
PublishingFeatureOn boolean Publishing Feature On
RecycleBinItemCount number Recycle Bin Item Count
serverRedirectedUrl string Server Redirected Url
serverRequestPath string Server Request Path
serverTime string Server Time
showNGSCDialogForSyncOnODB boolean Show NGSC Dialog for Sync on ODB
showNGSCDialogForSyncOnTS boolean Show NGSC Dialog for Sync on TS
siteAbsoluteUrl string Site Absolute Url
siteClassification string Site Classification
siteClientTag string Site Client Tag
siteColor string Site Color
siteId string Site ID
sitePagesEnabled boolean Site Pages Enabled
siteServerRelativeUrl string Site Server Relative Url
siteSubscriptionId string Site Subscription ID
supportPercentStorePage boolean Support Percent Store Page
supportPoundStorePath boolean Support Pound Store Path
systemUserKey string System User Key
tenantAppVersion string Tenant App Version
themeCacheToken string Theme Cache Token
themeCssFolderUrl string Theme CSS Folder Url
themeImageFileNames any Theme Image File Names
updateFromDigestPageLoaded Date Update From Digest Page Loaded
userDisplayName string User Display Name
userEmail string User EMail
userFirstDayOfWeek any User First Day of Week
userId number User Id
userLoginName string User Login Name
userTime24 boolean User Time 24
userTimeZoneData any User Time Zone Data
viewId string View ID
viewOnlyExperienceEnabled boolean View Only Experience Enabled
webAbsoluteUrl string Web Absolute Url
webDescription string Web Description
webFirstDayOfWeek number Web First Day of Week
webId string Web ID
webLanguage number Web Language
webLogoUrl string Web Logo Url
webPermMask Types.SP.IBasePermissions Web Permissions Mask
webServerRelativeUrl string Web Server Relative Url
webTemplate string Web Template
webTime24 boolean Web Time 24
webTitle string Web Title
webUIVersion number Web UI Version