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The list form field class is designed to handle the interactions with getting list field information.


Name Return Type Description
loadLookupData(info: IListFormLookupFieldInfo, queryTop?: number) PromiseLike<Array<Types.SP.IListItemQueryResult>> Loads the lookup reference data.
loadMMSData(info: IListFormMMSFieldInfo) PromiseLike<Array<ITermInfo>> Loads the MMS reference data.
loadMMSValueField(info: IListFormMMSFieldInfo) PromiseLike<Types.SP.IFieldManagedMetadata> Loads the MMS hidden note field.


Property Type Description
defaultValue any The default value.
field IFieldResult | IFieldQueryResult The list field.
listName string The list name.
name string The internal field name.
readOnly boolean Flag indicating if the field is read-only.
required boolean True indicates a required field type.
title string The display name of the field.
type number The field type.
typeAsString string The field type as a string.
webUrl string The relative web url containing the list.


Property Type Description
choices Array<string> The choices.
field IFieldChoice | IFieldMultiChoice The choice field.
multi boolean True if this is a multi-choice field.


Property Type Description
field IFieldDateTime The date/time field.
showTime boolean True, if the time value is enabled.


Property Type Description
field IFieldLookup The lookup field.
lookupField string The internal name of the lookup field.
lookupFilter string Optional OData query to filter the lookup items
lookupListId** string The lookup list id.
lookupWebId string The lookup web id.
multi boolean True if this is a multi-lookup field.


Property Type Description
field IFieldManagedMetadata The mms field.
multi boolean True if this is a multi-mms field.
termId string The selected term id.
termSetId string The term set id.
termStoreId string The term store id.


Property Type Description
field IFieldNumber | IFieldCurrency The number field.
maxValue number The max allowed number.
minValue number The min allowed number.
showAsPercentage boolean True, if the percentage value is enabled.


Property Type Description
field IFieldText | IFieldNote The text or note field.
multiline boolean True, if this is a note field.
richText boolean True, if rich text is enabled.
rows number The number of rows to display.


Property Type Description
field IFieldUrl The url field.


Property Type Description
allowGroups boolean True, if groups are allowed.
field IFieldUser The user field.
multi boolean True if this is a multi-user field.