Dev Docs

Development Support

This library supports both JavaScript and TypeScript, which allows it to be used in other frameworks (React, Angular, VueJS, etc). NodeJS is also supported, which will get the REST API request’s information which can be used in other libraries. View the avilable frameworks for additional information on supported frameworks with this library.

Execution of Request

The execute method contains various options for Asynchronous and Synchronous requests, as well as controlling the order of execution.

Converting Server-Side Solutions

This library was designed to work similar to the SSOM (Server-Side Object Model). This will help with converting older wsp solutions to client-side solutions.

OData Requests

The OData request is powerful and allows for data to be expanded, filtered, etc within a request.


This library supports SPFx solutions.


WebPack is a popular modular bundler, used to generate a single JavaScript file from a project. A sample configuration is provided for advanced configurations.