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JavaScript Development

Script Reference

Reference the $REST global variable for details on the $REST variable.

var $REST = require("gd-sprest");

Code Example

This code example will get the current web, including the lists. Reference the /examples page for additional examples.

// Get the current web and lists
    Expand: ["Lists"]
}).execute(function(web) {
    // Parse the lists
    for(var i=0; i<web.Lists.results.length; i++) {
        var list = web.Lists.results[i];


The intellisense of the library will display the available entry point of the SharePoint REST API and other helper libraries.


Executing Requests

The intellisense is designed to automatically detect the appropriate properties and methods of the request object. When executing requests against the REST API, you will either get an object, collection or query result.

Object Example

The methods and properties are available for the web object. Any collections, “Fields” for example, are methods.

SharePoint Enumerator Types

Query Example

The ability to query objects is very powerful, and can reduce the amount of requests made to SharePoint.

OData Request

The query method is available, and contains the intellisense for the OData Request.

OData Request

Collection Properties

The intellisense for the collection properties are no longer methods, and contain the appropriate methods and results.

Collection Properties

Collection Item

The intellisense is also available for the collection items. The above example shows the available list method and properties.

List Intellisense

SharePoint Types

When developing SharePoint solutions, it’s handy to have the correct enumerators available when coding. It’s required in some cases, so the SPTypes helper class contains various enumerator types.

SharePoint Enumerator Types