SharePoint 2013 Modern WebPart (4 of 4)

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Angular WebPart Example

This is the last of four demos giving an overview of creating modern webpart solutions for SharePoint 2013+ environments. The demo code can be found in github. The goal of this post is to give an example of using Angular, while creating a similar demo in the previous post using VueJS. This is the first time I’ve coded in Angular, which was much more difficult to figure out starting out than VueJS. As much as I wanted to give a minimal example, I’m going to use the anguarl-cli to create the project.


  • NodeJS - A superset of JavaScript functions. NodeJS allows us to develop code similar to C#, which is compiled into JavaScript.
Install Angular CLI

Install the angular cli globally, before moving on.

npm i -g @angular/cli

Create the Project

Angular - The angular quickstart guide

ng new demo-wp-angular

Install Libraries

  • gd-sprest - The library used to create the webpart
npm i --save gd-sprest

Source Code

SharePoint Configuration (src/cfg.ts)

Since the react demo included the list configuration, we will leave it out of this demo.

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